How To Make Everyday A Celebration

b042f2a663858a51dd50d72d3a16d67dSome days, you just don’t want to get up. The day seems like it’s always the same as the other, boring and bland most of the time, but maybe were forgetting to ask ourselves why? Sure, were doing as we should, working hard and getting rest, (more or less) eating, walking, waiting, planning, studying, cooking, housekeeping. I know! That’s the last thing you want to think about right now but please bear with me, I have a point here!

Years ago I got so consumed in doing my daily work such as school and chores, doing a lot of  things on the computer and being indoors rather then getting outside and getting sun, or exercising. I forgot to spend time to do things that I love, in fact I completely forgotten that I loved those things! When your a young kid, playtime and running around is easy because its your life work, your ‘allowed’ to do it, but honestly, it doesn’t make us any happier not having fun. Its our life’s work now too.

One day, due to my mom’s great ideas, she suggested that we take a vacation of media. My 15-year-old self felt doomed. No more movie watching, no more listening to my iPod, no more youtube videos, or even editing our movies! Like I said, I felt doomed for life. It really was like a withdrawal from a small addiction for all of us. A whole year without technology. The first few months felt weird, its like when you have a habit to always check the mailbox when you get home from work but then one day you don’t do that anymore. It really was like, well if I can’t do that, then what can I do? And so, with more free time we did other things instead like, watch a movie or go online (hahaha yes, it was that hard to stop doing.) You remember the things you love doing other then that, real things like hoola hooping, playing tennis, playing volleyball, board games, painting, enjoying music, dancing, learning new traits like cooking, writing, and helping others and spending time with friends.



Its not really that it was the media that was stopping us from doing these things (but then again, maybe) its really pausing and thinking about what you want to invest your time in, and what would be more beneficial. The more we were freed up and doing these things the more happier we were, even just small things like having a game of tennis every afternoon or a beach walk made you feel more upbeat, and ready to get up and go, its strange and yet awesome how small changes can help you change your life. Three years later our vacation from media has been over, and we use it frequently but never more then we do these other things. I think that as I got older I learned how valuable time really is, and how it all matters, everything you do, every choice you make, and how you want to look back on things years from now. One day I woke up and I realized that I wanted to live everyday like a story that I’d like to write, I wanted to enjoy life to its full and not live just because I had to. “I want to live life like every day is a party,” I said to Don and Shel and they nodded looking at me with a bored stare saying casually, “So you want to have a dance marathon tonight and we can make s’mores?”

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8 ways that will help you to live every day like a Celebration:

1. Have confidence in yourself, and you’ll never fail.

Having confidence in yourself I realized is a big thing. If you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t get anything done, let alone be able to live happily and thrive if your afraid of the world laughing at you. let them laugh!

2. Healthy perspectives, positive aspects.

One interesting thing I noticed is that the more I listen to positive, happy music rather then emotional, sad music my life took an entirely new toll. Naturally, a good one! The more I listened to positive music the more opportunities opened up, and the more promising life got. I believe it’s the same with everything, you are what you eat so if you eat unhealthy, your whole life’s going to be pretty unhealthy as well. Remember to stay away from anything that brings you down, and stick to having healthy, fun and positive people in your life.

3. Get moving!

Hikes, biking, surfing, skateboarding, skiing, running, swimming, dancing, yoga, ect.

Not only will this bring you joy, but moving physically is a great way of getting unstuck if you feel like you are. It makes total sense, if your feeling like you aren’t getting anywhere in life then move!

4. Say Yes

Life moves with opportunities just around the corner, there are always doors flying open in all directions, sometimes you just have to go for it. Though it takes guts to do so! Many times I didn’t want to join into a game because I didn’t know how to play it, but I joined anyway because I knew that I wouldn’t learn how to play it by not even trying. Saying yes feels like a small thing to do but it really could be bigger then you think.

5. You gotta make the most of what you got

There are a lot of ways that we keep ourselves from doing things, which keep us all in a perpetual misery in our minds when more then half of the time it’s not true. We say to ourselves, “I could never do that, its too hard” or “I don’t have enough money to buy a piano to play on, therefore I can’t” we have to stop telling ourselves stupid things like this because its simply not true and holding us back.

This is where creativity begins! If you can’t afford a whole piano, don’t stop there, figure out a way to get what you want! If you feel like its too hard, or too difficult then start with something small, and work your way up.

6. Happy Thoughts

Think of things that make you happy. Truly happy, like feeling good enough to do anything. It could just be a favorite shirt, a song that you love jamming to, a person in your life that makes you smile, or maybe its a dish that you have fun making and you enjoy. Whatever it is, remember to keep these things in you day to day life.

7. Every thing is connected, and everything matters (As above, So below)

Yes, it does matter the way that you speak to the waiter at that restaurant when he told you they were out of Kaloolah waffles. Everything does! The way you chose to react to something will determine just how well you may take something bigger that might come your way, it might change the chances of you getting that job you were waiting on, you don’t know. Our universe is so vastly connected to us all that we cannot afford to treat anyone or anything like they don’t matter, because in truth everything does.

8. Enjoy it!

Maurice Chevalier once sang in the classic Disney film In Search of the Castaways “Why cry about bad weather, enjoy it, each moment is a treasure, enjoy it!” if we look optimistically at life and changing our outlooks of things, maybe traffic wouldn’t be as horrific as we make it out to be, instead it’s a perfect chance to catch up on your thoughts or practice singing. Whatever makes life feel special to you, go ahead and do it! You only live once!




Who are those kids with the wigs?


Dirt & Sly

There are strange people in Santa Barbara. Just walking down state you’ll see a bevy of oddballs like that sixty-year-old woman in her hot pink yoga pants who carries her boombox around and dances wherever she goes, like she drank a gallon of red-bull the night before. And that weird guy who rides around playing guitar on his skateboard, making everyone cringe and pray that he doesn’t run into a beer can and go flying off, with the chances high that he will.

Then, there’s us. A group of kids who just two summers ago were running all around town wearing ridiculous outfits to keep in character for the film that we were so excited to be making. Driving down to Butterfly Beach one day you might have seen an “Oversized, strawberry blonde fro” bouncing around as this dude took his morning walk in pride with his shy, white-faced friend, and the red-hot flaming hair of a boy with an ego bigger then the big, blue California sky.


One year ago from then the three of us, (all improv actors, relying completely on letting go and having fun) were messing around filming some skit about a red-haired teenage boy named Sly who spends his time writing painfully bad rock-songs, singing terribly to them, and hanging out with his two best friends, the fro boy, Dirt, and the shy boy, Kevin. Little did we know just how far this would take us. Fom that day on, it was an explosion of ideas. Driving in the car, the three of us would be listening to a song, and end up singing along as the characters, (making up the words to suit them.) Going to the beach we’d see some surfies talking on the beach to each other about the difference between a hamburger and a veggie burger. One slow-talking surfie would turn to the other and say dully, “Like- what’s the difference between a- like- veggie burger and like a hamburger?” the other surfy would have to think about this for a moment before he would say, looking pained at the question, “I think it’s like- a burger, but with like………………veggies on it.”



Here we were amazed as character after character began developing, and certain things within the world of these people began to take form. Here, all of a sudden, was Slug. The typical slow-moving chilled out surfer who lives on a small shack on the beach. Here was Kevin, the shyest boy you’ve ever seen who passes out with one look in the direction of a girl. What would Sly, a teenage rock-star wannabe eat? What would he wear? What was his favorite movies, his likes and dislikes? As easily as if we were the characters themselves, the answers came. Suddenly whenever we were doing any improv of them we would get ideas from recording their conversations they had together. Then comics of them started, first Donovan did one about Dirt and Sly skateboarding down a forty-foot hill in Summerland. This was addictive, and lead into writing over 17 different comics!

Then along the way I began writing the first couple drafts of the script entitled, “The World According to Sly” as a few ideas for episodes of this story and how it would play out. But each time we rehearsed it, the story would keep changing and evolving, finally we decided one summer that we had to make a movie out of it.

That summer consisted of three things, FUN, FUN, and….uh…FUN. We were free (for the most part, a few household responsibilities here and there) to do whatever we wanted, and with a reasonably substantial camera in our hands, the foundation of a world we created on our own, we had probably the greatest filmmaking experience ever. Each day we woke up with the question of “What scene should we shoot today?” It was never really a question of what would happen in the scene, it was more of, what do we want to tell in this part? Do we want to introduce Dirt’s mom, or have a hilarious tea party with the little sister of Kevin, the atrociously annoying Polly.


As we were going places all around town filming, we’d get a lot of people commenting on the size and color of Dirt’s ‘Fro’, asking him “Is that real?” or, “I like the wig, dude!” In the mood for a little fun, Donovan (Dirt) always had a great comeback, saying loudly “Of course it’s real, it took me three years to grow it out this long” and, answering to those who asked him how he got it so big and fluffy, he would say, “I have a really big blowdryer.”


It seems insane, but the truth was, we weren’t afraid to go out in public as these characters, for as strange as it seemed they almost felt like real people. Now that our movie was finished, we decided to give the Santa Barbara International Film Festival a shot. It wasn’t really that we expected to get noticed or honored or anything, it was more of that we really wanted to share our ideas and all the fun we had making it. Though we were disappointed with rejection from the festival (not that surprised, because they never have any comedy films in their festival) the ideas keep coming, and it’s only recently that Shelby has began to write them all down into a book. This is going to be called ‘Sly and the Surfies’, and it’s all based off of the life and events of the characters in our movie:


The buck does not stop here either. Music began to flow into our heads that the kids in Sly’s world listen to. Fun pop music by a surfy band we call, ‘The Cruisers’ we made up just for Slug to have something to listen to while he is waxing his board. And Sly’s girlfriend, Cynthia’s favorite teen heartthrob band, ‘Driftwood’ with the overly-emotional Colin Ferrel-like lead singer had us writing song after song with titles like ‘A Coffin for my heart’ and ‘That’s not my fault’.

The list keeps growing as Shel writes more and more of the book and Don and I continue to scratch out page after page of ‘Sly and Dirt go Camping’ and ‘Kevin gets kissed by a girl’ comics. The more we write, the more we will share with you! Please let us know in the comments bar below any thoughts on your mind, we’re curious to know!