Get to Writing!

When there are loads of stuff going on in life, its hard to get to writing.

No matter how much I want to write there always seems to be something that is more important that has to be taken care of first. Don’t get me wrong I’m moving out of this perspective as fast as I can, but I needed a look at another way of  writing to get me unstuck.

I hit upon the fact that when it comes to giving yourself the guts to write, you need backup. I haven’t written much for a few months now( just beating myself up about it) but it feels like years. And I WANT TO WRITE! I have so much confidence in my story and my vision for it, but, its getting to it that seems hard.

Now during this time of no writing(sigh) I went to the library and got this book:


Its on the smaller side, and was real quick and easy to read, but more importantly, to comprehend. When I was done with it in  a couple of days, I said I can do that. Stephen presented a story that skipped all the fluff that can most times weigh it down.

Then I wondered if he does the same in his other books and stories. So then I picked up this one:


The same was true with this story too. Even more so, he broke down the chapters into sections, which gave me new insight into how I can present my story as well.  And it is a amazing piece of thriller fiction too.

Now I am reading:


And as far as I have gotten it is SO helpful, For all you writers or will-be-soon writers, I highly recommend this book. Although many writers have ‘their own technique’ or ‘the way the do things’, if ever you want a boost that sets you on the track to your story, to feel more confident, and less that your story idea is just too much to handle at the moment.

My favorite part so far, has been when Mr. King was in high school and writing for the sports section of the school paper, a local newspaper writer gave him this advice:

“When you write a story, you’re telling yourself the story,” he said. “When you rewrite, your main job is taking out all the things that are not the story.”

And so the journey to writing continues, but I must thank Stephen King for making it a lot less scary. ( I hope he doesn’t mind)




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