Hey! We’re Korzen Trio aka Shelby, Marley, and Donovan Korzen.

We are siblings who banded together to create awesomeness through stories, art, music, food, and everything else.

Donovan (14)

Is an amazing Magician who knows over 500 different magic tricks. He loves creating dubstep tunes, surfing the California coastline, skateboarding, and eating us out of house and home.

Marley (18)

Is the author of her first book ‘The Voyage of Captain Stash’. She loves doing art, dancing, and cooking up some organic grub!

Shelby (22)

Is writing her first book ‘The Surfies’. She loves photography, filmmaking, fashion, food, sun, and the ocean.





For you the reader:


We are so happy you found us!

We will all be uploading lots of fun stuff for you!

Mar will be posting her art and cool inspirational thoughts. Shel will post our acting skits and our other documented adventures. And Don will be uploading his music and magic tricks!

Get ready for the awesomeness to begin!



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