Dj’s: Your life IS the party.

tumblr_n5fyq1ntyG1t0hzmxo1_500Are you a Dj? Are you looking to see how to become a better one? Are you in to making electronic music and dancing your butt off to it? You’ve come to the right place. You might have read in my other post about creativity in magic, and it applies to music as well. heres 10 things you can do to unleash your creativity and stop blocking it.

1.  Have a clean work space.

Your brain simply cannot cope with trying to make something nice in a area thats not so nice. Your music will sound like a dirty room, in other words.

2.  Ask for other peoples opinions.

Theres a reason why so many great song are titled: ___________Feat. _______. collaborate with someone while making our music, or at least ask them how it sounds so far, and you will get surprisingly helpful answers.

3.  Learn from your mistakes.

I believe everything happens for a reason, there is nothing random. So use the opportunity to learn from mistakes you made in past songs (that drop came in too late, those two saws don’t sound good together, etc.).

4.  Pick a inspiration.

Decide what theme your going for for each song. It will help you not feel so frantic and make you feel more confident that you know what your doing.

5.  Get lost in the music.

Literally. Don’t think about anything else unimportant. focus on your goal but enjoy the journey.

6.  Remember what your doing it for.

Its easy to get frustrated and irritable when your sitting in the same place for five hours. Remember that this is music based on fun. It was born on having a good time and letting loose. so don’t be so uptight. No. 2 can also help with this.


7.  Don’t just stick to one genre.

Ok, so far I’ve steered clear of trying to tell you how to make your music, and this is just a suggestion. Don’t get sucked into what I like to call the separation trap. The separation trap is dividing everything into groups, rather than seeing it as a whole. So don’t just try to make a Dubstep album, but incorporate melodic and light songs into the mix. Its still fun to dance to!

8.  Only do what you enjoy.

It makes sense, right? Yet so many people in the world think its the wiser choice to do some that pays more. Just imagine what our world would look like if everybody did ONLY what they loved. Just remember, you can fail at what you don’t like, so you might as well take a risk and do what you love.

9.  Reward yourself.

Don’t take it so seriously. When you’ve finished a really good song, be proud of yourself, reward yourself in some way. You’ll find its a lot less work and a lot more fun.

10.  Stop worrying.

If you keep focusing on all the bad, you’ll never have time to turn around and see the good. Like I said before, enjoy the journey. And remember: you only have control over what is happening right now, so why even worry about whats going to happen?




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