Get to Writing!

When there are loads of stuff going on in life, its hard to get to writing.

No matter how much I want to write there always seems to be something that is more important that has to be taken care of first. Don’t get me wrong I’m moving out of this perspective as fast as I can, but I needed a look at another way of  writing to get me unstuck.

I hit upon the fact that when it comes to giving yourself the guts to write, you need backup. I haven’t written much for a few months now( just beating myself up about it) but it feels like years. And I WANT TO WRITE! I have so much confidence in my story and my vision for it, but, its getting to it that seems hard.

Now during this time of no writing(sigh) I went to the library and got this book:


Its on the smaller side, and was real quick and easy to read, but more importantly, to comprehend. When I was done with it in  a couple of days, I said I can do that. Stephen presented a story that skipped all the fluff that can most times weigh it down.

Then I wondered if he does the same in his other books and stories. So then I picked up this one:


The same was true with this story too. Even more so, he broke down the chapters into sections, which gave me new insight into how I can present my story as well.  And it is a amazing piece of thriller fiction too.

Now I am reading:


And as far as I have gotten it is SO helpful, For all you writers or will-be-soon writers, I highly recommend this book. Although many writers have ‘their own technique’ or ‘the way the do things’, if ever you want a boost that sets you on the track to your story, to feel more confident, and less that your story idea is just too much to handle at the moment.

My favorite part so far, has been when Mr. King was in high school and writing for the sports section of the school paper, a local newspaper writer gave him this advice:

“When you write a story, you’re telling yourself the story,” he said. “When you rewrite, your main job is taking out all the things that are not the story.”

And so the journey to writing continues, but I must thank Stephen King for making it a lot less scary. ( I hope he doesn’t mind)


Dj’s: Your life IS the party.

tumblr_n5fyq1ntyG1t0hzmxo1_500Are you a Dj? Are you looking to see how to become a better one? Are you in to making electronic music and dancing your butt off to it? You’ve come to the right place. You might have read in my other post about creativity in magic, and it applies to music as well. heres 10 things you can do to unleash your creativity and stop blocking it.

1.  Have a clean work space.

Your brain simply cannot cope with trying to make something nice in a area thats not so nice. Your music will sound like a dirty room, in other words.

2.  Ask for other peoples opinions.

Theres a reason why so many great song are titled: ___________Feat. _______. collaborate with someone while making our music, or at least ask them how it sounds so far, and you will get surprisingly helpful answers.

3.  Learn from your mistakes.

I believe everything happens for a reason, there is nothing random. So use the opportunity to learn from mistakes you made in past songs (that drop came in too late, those two saws don’t sound good together, etc.).

4.  Pick a inspiration.

Decide what theme your going for for each song. It will help you not feel so frantic and make you feel more confident that you know what your doing.

5.  Get lost in the music.

Literally. Don’t think about anything else unimportant. focus on your goal but enjoy the journey.

6.  Remember what your doing it for.

Its easy to get frustrated and irritable when your sitting in the same place for five hours. Remember that this is music based on fun. It was born on having a good time and letting loose. so don’t be so uptight. No. 2 can also help with this.


7.  Don’t just stick to one genre.

Ok, so far I’ve steered clear of trying to tell you how to make your music, and this is just a suggestion. Don’t get sucked into what I like to call the separation trap. The separation trap is dividing everything into groups, rather than seeing it as a whole. So don’t just try to make a Dubstep album, but incorporate melodic and light songs into the mix. Its still fun to dance to!

8.  Only do what you enjoy.

It makes sense, right? Yet so many people in the world think its the wiser choice to do some that pays more. Just imagine what our world would look like if everybody did ONLY what they loved. Just remember, you can fail at what you don’t like, so you might as well take a risk and do what you love.

9.  Reward yourself.

Don’t take it so seriously. When you’ve finished a really good song, be proud of yourself, reward yourself in some way. You’ll find its a lot less work and a lot more fun.

10.  Stop worrying.

If you keep focusing on all the bad, you’ll never have time to turn around and see the good. Like I said before, enjoy the journey. And remember: you only have control over what is happening right now, so why even worry about whats going to happen?



Who Am I? by Dirt Leefsgood

DSCN0492If a turtle migrates to an earthworm, then who am I?

If I were to crawl into the sewer and bang my head till it bled, then who am I?

If a waterfall suddenly turned magenta and lion feces froze over, then who am I?

If I were to climb a tree only for it to turn into a shotgun, then who am I?

If some ear wax found a baseball and started singing Mariah Carey, then who am I?

If someone told me that I looked like my hair had gone to the moon and back without going sightseeing with a tortoise named Arnold and a meerkat named Francis, and if the ice age had never had any music, and if rabbits went rabid while cooking steaks made of bison meat in their den, and if you were to be sitting here listening to me writing this poem, drawing this poem, making this poem, publishing this poem, getting famous off of this one god damn poem, the who, WHO, the hell AM I?

Easter at Redrock

Redrock is a special place off the Los Padres National Forest in Santa Barbara where we love to go and hang out, chill, read, swim, or soak up the sun while taking in the incredible sound of complete and unadulterated silence. On Easter Sunday we went there for some time to connect, and enjoyed taking these pictures. Marley’s also got some up on her instagram, if you’d like to follow her here’s the link:

IMG_0742 IMG_0743 IMG_0744 IMG_0745 IMG_0746 IMG_0753 IMG_0749 IMG_0757 IMG_0763 redrock2 skredrock3

First sketch, And a stolen sketchbook….


Over 300 paintings, and I couldn’t chose one, so I decided for my first post to be some pastel sketches that I drew last summer when I found some abandoned bulk of sketch paper sitting outside one of my neighbor’s house and just had to take it home with me. You can imagine for an artist just how lucky I felt that day, and I probably filled up all the paper by the end of that evening. Oh well, that’s what happens when your in a flow of creativity, it’s a creation downpour!imageimage image

The cherry blossoms were inspired by some Chinese folk art that I love, and for the young lady, I just simply love drawing features and capturing beauty with style and fashion. Particularly classic fashion, in this case inspired by the lovely Ingrid Bergman.

image image

The Magic Of Creativity


I’ve been a magician for four years now. Nearly every time I show someone a trick at one of my stands, they ask how I learned all of it.

At the age of ten, me and my sisters were always going to the library. To us, (and especially from a young age) the library seemed like our endless source of information, so much so is how I stumbled upon my favorite past time. My sisters had just told me that it was time to go, so I grabbed the first interesting looking book I saw. It was a book on card tricks, I thought it looked like something I might like reading just to learn how they did it. Soon the next day, I was showing everyone I could card tricks (which still remain my favorite type of trick). Soon I was looking up more tricks on the internet, and in a very short period of time I went from beginner to intermediate. And then as advanced further, my knowledge and understanding of the art increased, as any other fellow magician would understand. Then came a very big step for me. As I watched and learned,


I realized that I had the potential to create my own tricks. Probably a year after I had gone full blown into magic was when I created my first trick. It was (you guessed it) a card trick. I’m pretty sure it had something to do with your card switching places with mine 😉 . After that they kept coming and I’ve been inventing ever since. I realized that above all other things, being able to free up your creativity was THE most important thing. Think about it, everything starts with an idea. Before you could make that sandwich, you had to think about it first (yes, I always relate everything to food), but its true. Everything you create starts out as a thought. thats really how magic works. If you can make someone believe something before they even see it… there you go.

In 2012, I started doing magic stands wherever I could. I started doing some weekly at the Farmer’s Market. That was great, until they told me I wasn’t allowed to perform there because they have some rule about not being able to touch the customers. Weird, right? So I do it anyway. 10577108_1411902392384381_4771991334995458941_n10628489_700588670019505_2951774212138876952_n

My first magician name was The Great Donovini. It started out as a joke when I showed my first trick to my whole family, (it stuck). Some guy at my magic stand once remarked, “Sounds Irish Italian”. That wasn’t the reason for me changing my name, (well, sorta…) it was partly because I wanted something a bit more professional sounding and a little more serious. So thats when Donovan Donovan came in, it too was a sort of joke when my sister kept calling me and said that that should just me my name from now on “Donovan! Donovan!”….. I love my sisters….

10632659_700565000021872_5083707087944776328_n 10451164_721596337918738_6315228834577544754_n

So now, coming back to the present day, I’ve learned over 4000, card tricks, forgot over 8000 card tricks, plus around 300 other tricks. I usually invent one new trick every few weeks or so. Heres my recent ones: . .  As I mentioned earlier, Card tricks are my favorite. Why? Well, apart from the fact the I’m a total bad-ass with a deck in my hand, and that if some one asks me to do a few tricks for them, I don’t have to keep pulling prop after prop from my pockets, I simply love the feel of doing card tricks, being able to flourish them with ease. Of course, I’m still not perfect, on the contrary, I practice anytime I can, just because you make learn how to do a trick perfectly, and then stop, come back, and not be able to do it anymore. I also love to collect new decks of cards. It keeps my creativity open and fresh. It still amazes me how so much of what I’ve learned can be applied to every day circumstances. For instance, I can use some basic metalism skills to predict what someones going to say or if that car is going to stop for you to walk. In the end, its just common sense. 80% of people driving expensive cars aren’t going to stop for you to walk, and you can usually predict whats someones going to say by where there eyes are looking. think about things before they happen, and you’ll   be surprised at what happens.

Magic is all over the place, the trick is seeing it.